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*A frown on his face, his claws had sharpened and were digging into the nice knitted sweater Grendy had given him for a previous birthday, realizing what he was doing, he blinked and sighed, relinquishing his hold and relaxing his arms arms at his sides.* “I’d rather not think too much about it, if it weren’t for..’him’, I wouldn’t have attacked my friends..None of that would have happened..But at least I had them to knock some sense into me when I couldn’t control myself..” 


"Yeeah..It was while we were out following a map he had found when we ran into Magic Man..Gordie was a little well..More than a little, more like overly, emotional about it..Idon’thandlecryinggirlsverywell But I got him to calm down and we set up camp, he seemed to handle it okay after a while and oddly enough when we woke up the next day he was back to normal..I feel like we’re missing something though, I just don’t know what. ” *shrugs* 


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